Seeing through an IP lens

Our range of products and services work in concert with each other to provide a full, multi-level understanding of a targeted IP space. We help our customers to identify hard-to-find strategically valuable opportunities and hidden threats, answering key business questions faster and more cost-effectively across R&D, patenting and licensing. Delivered via our proprietary AccencioView™ innovation platform, our interactive tools and related analysis, consulting and partner engagement services provide vital and novel insight and support.

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Macro-level products: providing the broad, high-level view

Our macro-level products and analyses show the breadth of the IP space, for use in competitive analysis, partnering, licensing, divestiture and more.

IP-CompView™ tool

Competitive space

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IP-FolioView™ tool

Internal portfolio

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Micro-level products: providing deeper understanding

Our micro-level products and analyses provide a deep dive into the IP space, helping to identify and prioritize specific strategies around competitor companies and products, new development opportunities, and more.


Small and large molecules

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IP-KinShip™ tool

Formulations, med devices, etc.

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Our Services

We also offer a full range of analysis, consulting and partner engagement services to support and extend the use of our unique, interactive tools.

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