See IP Differently™: the power of seeing through an IP lens

Seeing and harnessing the full potential of IP is hard. Across molecular-based industry, academic and research organizations, from struggles understanding the breadth of opportunities that exist, to uncertainties as to how best to act on them, these issues can lead to significantly lower ROI.

Through our interactive, highly visual products, Accencio delivers actionable intelligence which enables users working across the full drug discovery lifecycle to see, understand, maximize and communicate the full potential of IP, providing a guided pathway to higher returns and increased asset values.

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Meet the Team

Kevin Brown

Chief Executive Officer

As a client-focused, solution-oriented, enthusiastic and insightful leader with global bio-pharma experience, and Accencio's President and CEO, Kevin is dedicated to identifying and delivering strategic value to our clients through our cutting edge technology and services and realizing the Accencio vision and mission.

Kevin Brogle

Chief Scientific Officer

Kevin is the scientific leader of Accencio and is responsible for the creation of our range of cutting edge technologies. Kevin brings his broad experience in the bio-pharmaceutical industry to enable the Accencio vision, and through his support and strategic product development has provided the framework for the future success of Accencio.

Mike Miller

Chief Technology Officer

As our CTO, Mike is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our information technology, security, data and analytics. Mike brings his bio-pharmaceutical IT experience, energy and enthusiasm to the leadership of the continued development of our unique, secure, robust and cutting edge information technology systems.

Emma Barry

Chief Operating Officer

Emma brings an unstoppable enthusiasm for change and improvement to Accencio. Emma has dedicated her career to turning her natural disinclination to accept the status quo into a drive for improvement in international business strategy and management across continents, industry verticals and regulatory environments.

Rhonda Gilbert

Corporate Development

The latest addition to our Accencio team, Rhonda brings a wealth of strategic, financial, and business development planning and analysis expertise, along with extensive experience in venture capital and M&A within large and emerging biopharma and health care companies, helping us reach the next level and achieve our ambitious goals.

Richard Daw


Richard is dedicated to developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining our strategic vision and direction to enable Accencio to create, drive and achieve sustainable long term growth and success. A creative thinker and influential collaborator, Richard helps Kevin and Kevin steer the ship keeping their eyes on the vision and mission.

Accenciology: our story and our vision

The Beginning (<2017)

  • Working in biopharma for many years, Accencio® co-founders Kevin and Kevin witnessed first-hand the waste within scientific industries due to the inability to effectively use intellectual property (IP) intelligence.
  • Inspired to make a difference, they devised new data mining and analytical approaches to enable corporations and research organizations alike to see IP differently - revealing hidden opportunities which can reduce waste and add value.

The Present

  • Together, the Accencio® team has built the AccencioView™️ platform, with a range of unique visualization tools to provide the intelligence needed to guide strategy using an IP lens in biopharma and beyond.
  • We help our customers move beyond the old approach to IP, to find the insights they need - replacing long hours with unwieldy documents and spreadsheets with unique, interactive, easy-to-understand and share visualized intelligence.

The Future (2020+)

  • Through the development of cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies, we are building an unrivalled repository of targeted IP data, visualized and analyzed through our AccencioView™️ platform.
  • We are working towards a vision of the future where our technology, methodologies and analyses can be fully automated and made available to everyone who needs them at the touch of a button, in multiple markets across the globe.

Next generation IP technology

We offer unique, interactive visualizations and analysis to our customers via our AccencioView™ innovation platform - replacing long hours with unwieldy documents and spreadsheets with easy-to-understand and share intelligence.

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We Help

Molecular-based industries and research organizations better answer key business questions faster and more cost-effectively.


  • Creating new, viable molecules and products.
  • Looking for unoccupied IP space to focus development efforts.
  • Finding new potential uses for existing compounds.

Business Development & Licensing

  • Looking for the best, hard-to-find deal and partner opportunities.
  • Seeking a clearer view of what competitors are doing.
  • Needing to better understand the global IP landscape.


  • Evaluating novelty, patentability and claims strength.
  • Seeking better ways of communicating key findings with clients.
  • Looking to focus time and resources better.

We Offer

Unique IP Database

Global living repository of targeted IP and other relevant data

Clear, easy access

Interactive visualized data and analysis via our AccencioView™ innovation platform

Full customization

Additional relevant public and/or private data layers to address specific questions

Deep Dive Analysis

Analysis at the molecular structure, patent claims and application level

IP Strategy Consulting

Support to further contextualize, prioritize and better respond to identified opportunities and threats

Partner engagement support

Reach out, negotiation and agreement support to achieve the best outcome