Understand the opportunity beyond the molecule

Our IP-KinShip™ tool offers a scoring-based visual analysis of non-molecular IP (formulations, medical devices, synthesis, methods of use, etc.) within the target area of interest to guide R&D and identify potential partnering, licensing, life cycle enhancement, or new product opportunities.

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WHY: The power of visualized non-molecular IP intelligence

See beyond
the molecule

  • Identify the companies, technologies and non-molecular IP relevant to a particular product.
  • Explore relevant scored and prioritized strategic opportunities.
  • Drill down to the patent level for in-context understanding.

Identify valuable licensing partners

  • Reveal previously unknown potential licensing opportunities.
  • Discover new ways to protect or strengthen your patented products.
  • Understand how others may benefit from your and 3rd party IP.

Prioritize, communicate and share key strategic intelligence

  • Understand the opportunity by type and potential.
  • Identify additional analytical work to further explore discovered opportunities.
  • Easily communicate and share findings through visual, interactive landscapes.

WHO: the many users of the IP-KinShip™ tool

& Development

  • Build a franchise: identify new product ideas and regulatory pathways (e.g. 505(b)(2)) that can build or extend a franchise around your existing product.
  • Identify technology trends: monitor and understand product-relevant technology developments to guide key development strategies.

Business Development
& Licensing

  • Licensing opportunity identification: see where owned and 3rd party IP could provide strategic value to current products on the market and allow for the creation of new products.
  • Prospective opportunity analysis: identify potentially value-enhancing or value-reducing IP relevant to licensing opportunities under active consideration.

IP & Commercial

  • Threat identification: harness IP intelligence to build proactive strategies to pre-empt and mitigate threats and support offensive strategies to address patent validity challenges.
  • Effective comparison: clearly see, understand and communicate the value of your organization’s IP as compared to others.

HOW: accessing IP-KinShip™ intelligence

We can provide IP-KinShip™ visualizations and analysis, with optional additional in depth epidemiological and opportunity potential analysis, in almost any area of interest. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs, and we will take it from there!