See the activity, understand the opportunity

Our IP-CompView™ tool offers a visual competitive analysis landscape showing the IP related to companies, targets, indications and/or technologies in a particular area of interest, revealing the extent of the IP space in an easy to understand and share way for use in partnering, licensing, divestiture and more.

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WHY: The power of visualized competitive IP intelligence

See the breadth of the competitive space

  • See the extent of activity in the space by competitor.
  • Filter displayed data by priority date, approach, active ingredient and more
  • Drill down to the patent level for in-context understanding.

Understand activity

  • Reveal where current competitor activity is focused.
  • See at-a-glance the development stage of patented products.
  • Understand how the focus of activity has changed over time.

Develop, communicate and share vital competitive understanding

  • Understand the market and its potential.
  • Prioritize additional analytical work to further strategic goals.
  • Easily communicate and share findings through visual, interactive landscapes.

WHO: the many users of the IP-CompView™ tool

& Development

  • Contextualized market understanding: discover the full range of relevant patentable activity, including active ingredient, approach and more, to facilitate more effective, commercially viable early product development.
  • New research guidance: quickly identify areas of more recent increased activity relevant to a particular area of interest, e.g. active ingredient trends, to help focus analytical activity and guide new molecule research.

Business Development
& Licensing

  • Competitive trend analysis: see where others have been and are working in the area of interest, identifying areas of high and low activity to facilitate and guide additional analysis work and strategic direction.
  • Opportunity prioritization and communication: identify value-enhancing, strategically aligned potential partner organizations more easily and communicate them more effectively.

IP & Commercial

  • “Big picture” understanding: better understand the patentable activity within an area of potential client interest to facilitate more efficient patent prosecution and more targeted strategic advice.
  • Easier client communication: enhance text-based intelligence and advice provision with clear, easy-to-understand visual landscapes for integration into existing formats or interactive demonstration.

HOW: accessing IP-CompView™ understanding

We can provide IP-CompView™ visualizations and analysis, with optional expert-defined next steps recommendations for further deep-dive analysis, in almost any area of interest. Simply get in touch to discuss you needs, and we will take it from there!