Double Exposure Of Scientist Doctor Hand Holds Virtual Molecular Structure In The Lab As Concept

Finding the hidden value of your IP

Millions of dollars are invested every year in the development of IP which has potential value but produces no return. There has been no established, standardized method to fully realize this value, until now…

The Opportunity

Untapped, dormant value exists in all un- and under-utilised IP.  Estimates suggest that the unused value lying dormant in various sectors of academia and industry exceeds $1 trillion.  This untapped value gathering dust on a virtual or actual shelf somewhere has significant revenue generating potential.

The Solution

Accencio technology and methodology curates disparate IP information and evaluates strategic direction revealing previously hidden monetizable licensing opportunities. Therefore, with our help, enhanced strategic direction is found, new products developed and new partnerships formed- all helping the original IP holders receive funds for their previously undervalued IP.

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